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Full System Tune Ups

Our irrigation professional will help:

  • Check each zone for proper coverage
  • Replace leaking sprinkler heads or nozzles
  • Address low pressure issues
  • Assess the watering schedule & verify city compliance
  • COMMUNICATE with you concerning any major repairs or improvements necessary

Low Pressure or Leaking Systems

A low-pressure system can be the result of several factors; here are a few that our technician will look for:

  • Broken sprinkler pipes
  • Aggressive root growth around valves or pipes
  • Valves not turning on all the way (solenoid or diaphragm issues)
  • Multiple valves sticking open at the same time
  • Too many sprinkler heads
  • Master valve not opening properly

Other Common Issues

  • Entire zones not turning on
  • Leaks near the water meter
  • Backflow Device is corroded and leaking
  • Backflow Device handles have rusted off
  • Control Box is not turning on or malfunctioning
  • Rain and Freeze sensors are not working

Drip Irrigation


Drip Systems are a great way to conserve water and promote healthy root growth. Here are some things to consider when installing a new drip system or retrofitting an old spray zone into a drip zone:
  • Drip irrigation is ideal for shrubs, larger plant material & hardy perennials
  • Drip systems operate at relatively slow application rates promoting deeper root systems, minimal run-off and cutting down weed germination
  • Drip irrigation is not ideal for large amounts of annuals, ground covers and certain kinds of perennials
  • Introducing micro-sprays into the drip system is one way to supplement annuals and ground covers with more water


The Texas climate and dry soil conditions can take their toll on a foundation of a home. A foundation drip line is something to consider to help preserve your foundation or minimize future shifting. Here are some insights on the process:

  • Unlike normal drip systems a foundation drip line  will be buried in the ground.
  •  The typical dimensions for burial are 4-6”s below the ground & 4-6”s away from the foundation
  • We use a special copper coated drip line to prevent root penetration from damaging  the material (copper dulls roots)
  • The drip system will operate as its own automatic sprinkler zone
  • Our technicians will connect directly into your sprinkler mainline, and add a new valve for the foundation drip line
  • If the drip is underground how will you know if the system is working? We’ll connect a “flag indicator” to the drip line as a visual aid – once the zone is turned on and the system is pressurized the flag will pop open.

Sprinkler Installation


A new sprinkler system is a BIG decision for any homeowner. It should be regarded as an investment and various options must be weighed and factored into your decision. Here are some things to think about:

  • Are water restrictions in your area tight? Consider using DRIP for flowerbeds.
  • Do you have any pots that need irrigating?
  • Do you have plans to change the size of your flowerbeds?
  • Is your foundation troubled? Consider a foundation DRIP line.
  • Do you want the ability to hand water in your yard? Consider a hose adaptor.


  1. We offer a 1-year parts and labor warranty on ALL new systems.
  2. We exclusively use premium commercial grade parts and materials for your system.
  3. Our systems are designed with the most appropriate and efficient coverage.
  4. Our zones are separated out based on the landscape – i.e. flowerbeds, trees, grass, etc…
  5. A thorough cleanup and follow through is part of our service.

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