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French Drain Applications

  • Ground Water
  • Constant saturation
  • Shallow water table
  • Shaded/damp parts of the yard
  • Slow undetectable leaks

Foundation French Drains

  • Slow percolation through the slab
  • Trapped water under pier and beam foundations
  • Buckling hardwood floors
  • Shifting foundation
  • Stagnant water and mildew build-up at foundation
  • Most foundation drain systems are build independent of any other system

Surface Drains

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Water run-off
  • Large volumes of water
  • Roof water/gutter collection
  • Surface drains are the most common drainage system

Sump Pumps

  • Installed when there is no slope or negative slope in the yard
  • If there’s no way to naturally direct water to a desirable area using gravity
  • All types of drain systems can be directed into a sump pump tank
  • Once the water enters into the collection tank a submersible pump activates and pushes the water to a more desirable area

Bringing it all Together

Every drainage problem is unique. Some systems may require one or multiple drain applications.  Volume, surface area, “100 year rain fall”, pipe size, pipe run, slope, no slope are all factors to take into consideration when designing a drain system. Have you considered how much run-off you’re collecting from your neighbor’s yard? On larger more complex drain systems our team members will “shoot grade” to assess the best plan of attack for your drainage issue.

About the Pipe

Most of the systems we install utilize solid white PVC pipe called “Sewer and Drain”. The French drain systems use the same pipe but with perforations (small holes) to collect ground water. We do not use black corrugated pipe. Although it does have its applications, it is NOT built for efficient water movement. The PVC pipe is a long term solution that is easier to clean and maintain.

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