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Repairs & Tune Ups

Full System Tune Ups

Our irrigation professional will help:

  • Check each zone for proper coverage
  • Replace leaking sprinkler heads or nozzles
  • Address low pressure issues
  • Assess the watering schedule & verify city compliance
  • COMMUNICATE with you concerning any major repairs or improvements necessary

Low Pressure or Leaking Systems

A low-pressure system can be the result of several factors; here are a few that our technician will look for:

  • Broken sprinkler pipes
  • Aggressive root growth around valves or pipes
  • Valves not turning on all the way (solenoid or diaphragm issues)
  • Multiple valves sticking open at the same time
  • Too many sprinkler heads
  • Master valve not opening properly

Other Common Issues

  • Entire zones not turning on
  • Leaks near the water meter
  • Backflow Device is corroded and leaking
  • Backflow Device handles have rusted off
  • Control Box is not turning on or malfunctioning
  • Rain and Freeze sensors are not working

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What Our Clients Say:

I had a 15+ year old sprinkler system that was poorly installed and not working properly. It was the sprinkler system from hell!!! We would fix one zone and then another would go out… for 8 out of 9 zones. David was a genius in the way he troubleshot the situation and helped repair my system without having to do a complete replacement. He saved me thousands of dollars! -Kurt

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