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Soil Conditions – How healthy is your soil? There’s no point in bringing in nice lush plants if your soil isn’t adequate. Most North Texas soils consist of high Alkaline based soils or clays which are not supportive of yielding the best plants in your landscape. Bringing in an enriched top soil or compost high in acidity will help neutralize the Alkaline soils and promote the greatest plant growth. We get most of our soil products from Soil Building Systems


Sun/Shade exposure – An understanding of shade tolerance and sun requirements is essential to plant selection and placement. Why waste money on plants that won’t thrive in their environment? The sun is not forgiving in TX and when it’s the middle of August we want to make sure that what we’ve put in the ground will thrive.


When designing a landscape we must always be aware of what plant selections will go dormant in the winter (perennials) and what plants will stay green year round (evergreens).

If the entire landscape were designed off of perennials then the winter months would bring a very lonely and sad scenery. However, if an entire landscape were designed with only evergreens then the landscape would lack the color, fullness and movement that perennials provide. Finding a balance in both types of plants will bring the landscape together.


Working with your goals and budget – We want to utilize your time and money in the most beneficial way possible. During the client meeting we will figure out your goals, prioritize your goals and discuss the costs of your master plant. By prioritizing your goals we can phase in different parts of the project if necessary. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service at a fair and reasonable price to the client.



Wouldn’t it be pleasant to come home to a well-lit yard at night? Or would you enjoy the ambiance of your landscape and backyard in the evening while entertaining guests? Our low voltage landscape lighting professionals can make it happen.


Our lighting consultant will:

  1. Perform a walk-through of your lawn, landscape & outdoor living areas
  2. Assess your lighting needs
  3. Introduce you to the innovative lighting technology and techniques available
  4. Work within your budget to accomplish your lighting goals
  5. Provide a free lighting demonstration for your landscape


  • Brighten the exteriors of your house with up-lighting
  • Outline the depth of your backyard space with wide angle lights
  • Highlight a Japanese Maple in your Zen-Garden
  • Create a moon-light effect on your yard with tree down-lights
  • Illuminate your walkways, patios and landscapes with path lights


  • LED bulbs require a fraction of energy and cost that traditional halogen bulbs require
  • LED bulbs last longer than halogen bulbs (5+ YEARS)
  • Today’s LEDs offer the same warm tones that halogens provide
  • Since LEDs are remarkably efficient, there are fewer restrictions in regard to the quantity of lights used and distances run in comparison to halogen


  • Today’s technology allows our clients to operate their systems via WiFi
  • Control each light or group of lights from your phone App
  • Control the brightness of each light as you see fit
  • Control the timing for each light or grouping of lights
  • Illuminate specialty lights such as a grill light or arbor lights with the touch of a button


We only use SOLID CAST BRASS lighting fixtures. No more aluminums or composite materials. Our outdoor up-lights come with variable wattage controls allowing us to increase or decrease the luminosity as desired. Each fixture comes with LED integrated CREE chips that last 10 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs. Because we buy direct from the manufacturer, eliminating the middle-man supplier, we are able to provide clients a quality product at an affordable price.



We plant sod year round. We use the highest quality grass from Brokers Quality Grass in Carrollton, which costs us a little more, but the pieces are solid, lush, weed free and insect free. Your grass is cut to order – this means if your sod installation is on a Monday, they will cut the grass Sunday night for delivery Monday morning. Your grass is never off the ground for more than about 15 hours.

Yes, it’s okay to plant in the winter. The grass is brought in dormant and goes through zero shock. As Spring gradually arrives, the grass gradually takes root making for a smooth transition.


  1. As professional landscapers we install sod using only one process:

    1. We sod cut the existing grasses and remove a thin layer of soil underneath. All soil and grasses are recycled at Soil Building Systems.

    2. Once we’ve cleared the soil, we till the ground to a four inch depth. The North Texas soils compact overtime making it hard to root. By breaking up the ground we allow oxygen to reach the root systems quicker and enable healthier growth. No different than aerating your lawn.

    3. On occasion, we amend the soil with added sandy loam. This is only if the grounds have low spots or if the ground is a true, hard clay. Typically, the native soil is ready for sod as long as it is properly worked and tilled. Bringing in a new, second soil or medium introduces a concept called “layering” that can sometimes confuse the root stimulation of plant material.

    LAY & CUT
    4. We lay the new sod in an offsetting pattern so that no two pieces are in line. The sod is then cut to fit around trees, landscapes, sidewalk and most importantly sprinkler heads.

    WET & ROLL
    5. We wet and roll and repeat. The grass is now near seamless and within two weeks’ time it will begin to take root.


There are several breeds and varieties of grasses in North Texas. Below are six of the most common types of grasses that we plant.

Zoysias: The most shade tolerant grass on the market – two hour minimum. They also thrive in full sun, particularly the Emerald. Zoysia is the more expensive breed on the market. This is because it takes longer to grow and must sit on the farms longer, but it is well worth the cost.

Emerald Zoysia
Palisade Zoysia

St. Augustine: Enjoys the shade, but still needs three to four hours to thrive. Palmetto is the more shade tolerant of the two, and is the most sold patented grass in the world.

Raleigh St. Augustine
Palmetto St. Augustine

Bermuda: Very sun tolerant, does not do well in the shade and requires less water than St. Augustine to survive the Texas heat. Celebration variety is the newest entrant on the market and provides a slightly greener blade that handles shade better than its counterpart.

Tiffway 419 Bermuda
Celebration Bermuda

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